Get on your bike, we ride together

Riding bikes is what the club is all about. We want the emphasis of our club to be on the social element, so a club ride is meant to be just that – a social experience where the group rides together at a suitable pace for all.

Try before you join

Enjoy up to 4 weeks of sociable riding with us. All you need is a roadworthy bike, spare inner tubes and basic tools, a helmet, appropriate riding clothing and enough food/drink to fuel you for the ride ahead.

New riders are welcomed and encouraged to begin with the easier rides, more experienced riders can start with the longer, slightly quicker rides. Once a member, all riders can move up and down the groups as they feel like each week.

Complete this form, so we know you’re coming out to ride. When you decide to join, click here to go to the Members sign up page.

Every week there are lots of options; several groups, riding at different speeds and distances. We encourage people to ride with a group that reflects their individual ability. We have a policy that “nobody gets left behind on a club ride”, so newcomers are encouraged to start with one of the slower-paced groups to get a feel for club riding and be the ones who need to move into a faster group next time rather than worrying that they can’t keep up on their first ride.

Everyone must carry a photo ID and have an emergency contact number with them

How it works

Where we meet:


British Summer Time (BST) 08:15 for 08:30 start

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 08:45 for 09:00 start

Smithbrook Kilns car park


British Summer Time (BST) 08:15 for 08:30 start

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 08:45 for 09:00 start

Cranleigh Leisure Centre car park


British Summer Time (BST) 18:45 for 19:00 start

Cranleigh Leisure Centre car park

Sign up:

All rides are published on the Calendar, where riders can see all the rides, sign up, see who else is planning to ride and click through to see and download the route from


Guests and new members aren’t expected to necessarily have a GPS device but established members should have one or should know the route well enough so that they do not have to rely upon others.

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Group Riding Responsibilities

As a friendly, community-based, cycling club, we welcome you to come and ride with us. All we ask is that you follow a few guidelines to make your riding – and that of the rest of the group – as safe and enjoyable as possible.


  • Members take part in club rides at their own risk.
  • We recommend 3rd party liability insurance (e.g. British Cycling membership).
  • Ensure your bike is roadworthy. Check tyres, brakes, cleats etc. Ride with necessary tools to change a puncture.

  • Bring appropriate clothing & equipment: helmet (this is mandatory), lighting, mobile phone, warm and rainproof garments as necessary.

  • Bring your membership card or guest form complete with emergency contact details including any important medical or allergy information that can be easily accessed by other group riders in case of emergency.

  • Follow the Highway Code. Ride predictably and smoothly with no sudden changes in pace or direction. Avoid hard braking.

  • Ride 2 abreast if the road allows for it, but single out or split into smaller groups where necessary to allow vehicles to pass or where the road is narrow with blind corners and hill crests. No 3 abreast riding.

  • Communicate with the group:

    • “Car up!” – vehicle approaching from the front

    • “Car back!” – vehicle approaching from the rear

    • “On the left” – accompanied by putting left hand behind the back warns of an obstruction on the nearside (e.g. parked car) 

    • “Slowing!“

    • “Stopping!“

    • “Single Out!” – need to move from pairs to single-file riding

    • “Split!” – split the group to help cars pass.

    • “Hole!” – accompanied by pointing at the hazard

    • “Clear!” – at a junction (please double check),

    • “Car right” – at a junction

    • “Car left” – at a junction.

  • Pass along communication from the back of the group e.g. “puncture,” or “ease up” so that the whole group can slow or stop, and always act on shouted instructions as quickly as possible.

  • Signal: Always check behind you and signal your intention to move out of or into a line of riders.

  • Don’t overlap wheels with the rider in front.

(updated Nov 2018)

Zwift Rides

When we are not allowed to leave our homes or the weather is just too bad, the club rides together.

Zwift allows riders of different abilities to ride together AND stay in a group.
No one gets left behind.
If you’d like to ride with us you’ll need:

  • your name
  • mobile number for WhatsApp
  • your normal riding group (e.g C4)