The role of a ride leader is one which must be taken seriously as you will have the responsibility of the group resting with you.

Your primary responsibilities are:

Before the ride

      1. CCC Cranleigh Cycling Club Populate the website with specific ride details at least 2 weeks in advance (preferably for the season).
      2. Ensure you arrange for a qualified backup should you not be able to attend the ride for any reason and advise other RL who this will be.
      3. Know which group you are responsible for and the details of the route (by map or electronic aid). Your group will be relying on you to navigate them safely and with confidence. They will expect the ‘C’ character of the ride to be observed both in distance and pace.
      4. Be aware of local weather conditions on the day or any specific hazards or traffic abnormalities (like road closures, local events e.g. Goodwood Festivals etc. as this may require you to review your route at the last minute).
      5. Arrive at the ride at least 10min early fully prepared to allow yourself time to introduce yourself to the group. (Once website is running you will be able to see who has selected your specific ride). You are reminded that a parent must accompany youths 16 and under at all times (Until such time as we have appropriate CRB qualification).
      6. Run through the route explaining any hazards due to weather or road conditions, advise of any anticipated tea stops or where, in the case of ‘C3 – C5’ groups the ride will slow/wait to regroup as a result of an anticipated split (e.g. a Newlands Corner hill climb and waiting in a safe place at the top).
      7. Whilst we make it clear that it is each individual’s responsibility to ensure the roadworthiness of their bikes, as ride leader make a mental note to run your eye over the equipment your group is to use to check it is ‘safe’. This includes clothing and helmets, gloves etc. as any delay caused through equipment failure will impact on the enjoyment of the ride for the group. Look out for loose or flapping clothing that may catch in equipment.
      8. Based on the ability of your group, run through and reinforce basic Safe Cycling Guidelines (see document). Reinforce that if any member of the group is intending to leave the ride at any point this must be clearly communicated to the ride leader at that stage on the ride.
      9. Count the number of riders in your group.

On the ride

      1. Ensure that you set a pace which is in line with the ‘C’ character.
      2. Ensure that members ride safely, respect the rules of the road and good ride etiquette. Be prepared to advise offending individuals if this is not the case.
      3. Remain attentive to ensure that everybody is accounted for and nobody has either shot off to the front or dropped off the back at any stage.
      4. Monitor individuals during the course of the ride mentally assessing cycling ability, set up, posture, fitness levels and so on.
      5. Complete the ride as a group and advise of any further tea/coffee stops post ride as this is always a good time to get to know members better and have some feedback on the ride or members aspirations.

Post ride

    1. If family/time commitments allow, make an effort to join your group for a ‘post-ride’ coffee to help develop the sense of community and club retention.
    2. If appropriate advise any members if their ability is better suited to another ‘C’ group either faster or slower.
    3. Use the time objectively to, if you feel appropriate, encourage, assist and advise individuals based on what you have observed.
    4. Report objectively back to the committee, as this is one of the ways we will improve our club offer and ensure we are providing what our members are after.