Please find below an explanation of the different ride speeds for our group rides. Speeds are based on the rolling average (not including stops) over the whole ride. Average speeds are a guide and may be influenced by weather, terrain, etc…

​Please note that a ride will assumed to be cancelled if no-one has signed up to it by 20:00 on the night before the ride.

For GDPR purposes we should like to point out that by signing up to a ride you accept that your name will be visible in the public domain.

For modern Garmin devices, follow these instructions to set up automatic syncing of Pinned RWGPS routes to your device.

For Wahoo ELEMNT:

Please click here for a quick guide to walk you through the process of signing up for a club ride.

Ride Groups

C-LevelAverage speed mphAverage kmhNotes
Introduction rideto suit level of ridersGuided ride at a gentle pace to introduce cyclists to group riding.
Social rideto suit level of ridersGuided Social Ride with a coffee stop
C212-14 mph20-22 km/hNon-drop group
C314-15 mph22-24 km/hNon-drop group
C415-16 mph24-26 km/hNon-drop group
C516-18 mph26-29 km/hNon-drop group
C618-19 mph29-31 km/hNon-drop group
C6+19+mph31+ km/hPacey group - dropped riders allowed

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