Cranleigh Cycling Club 2017 awards:

Most Improved Cyclist Award

3rd Place – Robin Gue

2nd Place – Lyn Gutteridge

1st Place/Winner – Tamsin Manning

Service To The Club Award

3rd Place – Jackie Roberts

2nd place –Simon Jackson

1st Place and landslide winner is Alec MacKenzie

Rider’s Rider Award

3rd Place – Tricia Cranwell

2nd Place – Alec MacKenzie

1st Place/Winner – Andrew Kell

Best Dressed Award

3rd Place – Nick Manning

2nd Place – Craig Smyth

1st Place and landslide winner is Noel Boyd

Most Likely To Need A Mechanic

3rd Place – Andrew Kell

2nd Place – Juliet Karn-Smith

1st Place/Winner – Mark Egerton

Most Likely To Need Sat Nav

3rd Place – Graeme More 2nd Place – Robin Gue

1st Place/Winner – Carolyn Hopewell