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Cranleigh Cycling Club – Come and Try Time Trial – 24th of April 2016:

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Cranleigh Cycling Club – Come and Try Time Trial – 24th of April 2016:

Official Results:

Hi All,

Firstly on behalf of the committee, we would like to say a BIG thank you to all those who were involved in making this year’s event a great success:

Kerry Bircher: For all the behind the scenes preparation in organising this year’s event, as there is a lot of effort involved in setting up and making all the necessary bookings to be able to host the event and handling all the pre-registrations and communications to the CCC hosting team as well as all the entrants riding on the day.

Marshalls and Volunteers on the day: Without you your club would not be able to host the event, so a big thank you for donating your time early on a Sunday morning on what was quite a chilly morning.

Cake Bakers: To all those who baked cakes and treats to reward you at the end with a hot beverage and a sweet treat to reward you for your lung bursting efforts, to Penny and Melanie for serving the teas and coffee. I’m sure you will all agree a warm cuppa on a rather damp chilly morning was most welcoming!

To anyone else we’ve maybe not mentioned thank you too.

Secondly, to you the participant’s thank you for participating, you were all winners out there today. The event was a “Come and Try” TT event to introduce some of you to a different discipline of cycling, that being “Time Trialling (TT)” in a relaxed atmosphere, so congratulations to all. The morning itself was a rather damp an cool morning which a slight headwind in your face up the tough Fox Hill, but still that did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the riders.  Now having said that, there was a lot of competitive spirit between one and all, between your mates and fellow club members so was all a healthy rivalry. Well done, we hope you enjoyed it. This course (G10/44) is a sporting time trial course and to say the least is a little “lumpy” so is quite tough. While a TT is only over 10 miles some may find it a tough discipline, as you are pretty much riding flat out at the high end of your heart rate zones, gasping for air to fill your lungs, legs burning, fighting your mind to ease up, but before you know it the finishing line is nigh… in this discipline of the sport, it is a true test of you the individual riding against the clock… However some may find it an invigorating form of the sport and be back for more, others may feel they won’t do it again, but at least you gave it a go, so to all of you CHAPEAU!!

Anyone wanting to know more about TT’s visit the CTT website: https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/

Cranleigh CC hope to be hosting more of these in the future, so see you at the next one and there will definitely be another next year.

And now the results!

Quickest Ladies:

A fair turnout with 7 ladies making up 21% of the field, great to see all of you out there today. To the winner Millie King a great time of 28.56, a time good enough to beat most of the men, so awesome ride!

1st 28.56 – Millie King

2nd 29.59 – Jackie Roberts

3rd 30.28 – Tricia Cranwell

4th 32.14 – Vicky Claydon

5th 34.17 – Jess King

6th 36.43 – Sarah Harvey

7th 40.23 – Lynn Gutteridge

Quickest Men:

All in all 27 men rode the event today, with the winner being Henry Eaton (a past Cranleigh CC member) now riding in “Army” colours in what was a stupendous time of 25.52 to take the top spot amongst the men – Superb!

1st          25.52     Henry Eaton

2nd        26.57     Robert Jackson

3rd         27.06     Tim Peters

4th         27.25     Simon Flateau

5th         27.39     Matt McCann

6th         27.55     Jonathan Earnshaw

7th         28.19     Nick Isaacson

8th         28.19     Bernie Spannagl

9th         28.27     Nick Evans

10th       28.34     Alvin Hargreaves

11th       29.02     Mark Egerton

12th       29.06     Paul Tweeheusen

13th       29.26     Stuart Gauntlett

14th       29.43     Andy Oldroyd

15th       29.48     John Burns

16th       29.55     Rob Burdett

17th       30.19     Roy Mclean

18th       30.19     Keith Gooders

19th       30.47     Andrew Kell

20th       31.08     Gordon Fozard

21st        32.35     Simon Jackson

22nd      33.07     Jim Claydon

23rd       34.21     Mike Sutcliffe

24th       35.59     Peter Hathaway

25th       36.2        Jeremy Fuller

26th       38.32     Mick Glover

27th       41           Bob Callard


Thank you!

The Committee of Cranleigh Cycling Club.

CCC Time Trial Results – 2016

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